Welcome to my virtual space. I co-founded Blank Napkin, a business dedicated to helping people who want to start their own online business and escape the shackles of traditional 9-5 work. I also founded lexxtech.com, and we help companies simplify their Digital Marketing through Consultation, Coaching and Training - we teach companies "how to fish," empowering them with the skills to sail unchartered seas, to navigate the online worl, and to swim in the blue ocean while conquering their business goals and limiting beliefs.

"Each One, Teach One." - African Proverb

For fun, I enjoy learning something new every day, learning about the mind and how people think, love running with our dog, Minnie, travel and seeing new places with new experiences, love to bike ride and hike, enjoy dancing and spending time with family 'n friends.

We’re here to learn, to expand our minds, to transcend man-made institutions, to serve others unselfishly & in service, we become the best version of ourselves.

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Zahida a. khan